SiriDB - How to build auto completion with your own language?
How to build auto completion with your own language?

SiriDB - How to build auto completion with your own language?

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

SiriDB is a scalable time series database with an integrated 'help' and an own language. How do you ensure that this language is understandable? Which language parser should you program? Can you build auto completion in order to quickly pass queries? Transceptor Technology found a way.

We started with making the language of SiriDB partially known in the web console. We developed a ‘listener' module over the 'lrparsing' module. As a result, SiriDB is able to perform a desired action quickly.

Auto completion in SiriDB

Parser for JavaScript

In practice, however, the auto completion looked more like a glossary of conditions. Besides, the web console finished commands that did not fit with the language of SiriDB at all on that spot. Perhaps a JavaScript parser like Jison is the solution? With Jison however, it is difficult to get a clear picture of the correct suggestions. It is important to know whether the entered query is correct. If it is not correct, it is easy for you to see a list of suggestions at the spot where you have possibly made the error. Jison therefore proves unsuitable for building auto completion. Isn’t it much more convenient to define the language in JavaScript yourself? Like with LR parsing? That’s why we developed 'js-lrparsing’.

Try it yourself!

You can try our own parser for JavaScript! Are you curious about the possibilities with our parser for JavaScript? Want more tips on how to build in auto completion? Contact us and send an email to Jeroen van der Heijden via