SiriDB - How to integrate documentation in software?
How to integrate documentation in software?

SiriDB - How to integrate documentation in software?

Thursday, 28 April 2016

SiriDB is a scalable time series database with unprecedented opportunities and performance. Documentation from the past is unthinkable with SiriDB. Why take a step back and retrieve the manual online or share it via intranet? Isn’t it more logical to find a way to integrate this into the software itself? Transceptor Technology has developed a special "help" for SiriDB. In this blog, we share developments and our approach.

SiriDB has a powerful language for performing queries and managing the database. We expand this language with help commands that together form the documentation on SiriDB. In the help window you see which commands are possible and how to get additional information about these commands. For example via ‘help list’ or ‘help create’ or sub-items such as ‘help create user’ and ‘help list series’.

Markdown as text help

The choice for the text help was one of the most important decisions. What markup language are we going to use? Plain text, HTML or perhaps a different markup language? We chose Markdown.


First, because Markdown lends itself well to write and read in plain text. For example, this allows you to not have to watch the opening and closing tags. This helps you work faster and with lesser chance of error. Second, Markdown converts plain text easy into HTML and it can also be saved as HTML or PDF. Writing in Markdown offers even more advantages. In the web console, we can scan the help text and request all inline code blocks that start with 'help' immediately. This creates links to help pages that are fully available through the language of SiriDB, this makes it for you as a user easy to browse through help.

More information

The Transceptor Technology tool is still in development. Are you curious about our scalable time series database SiriDB and what other things we are doing? Read our blogs or send an email to Jeroen van der Heijden via