Under the hood

  • All code is written in C
  • Dissemination of data over available hosts or pools
  • New points are indexed immediately which leads to instant query results, no waiting time
  • Guaranteed speed via scaling and a smart index algorithm
  • No downtime = 100% efficiency
  • Ability to process millions of writes per second
  • Own query language for easy IT
  • Lower management and maintenance costs (no dependencies)
  • Real-time analyzing aggregated data
  • IPv6-software, ready for the future
  • Practical management and consistent development of query language
  • Scalability in number of time series and data points

High performance

SiriDB is designed with performance in mind. We designed SiriDB so that inserts and queries are answered within a blink of an eye.

Our own query language gives you the ability to speed up your development.

High scalability

SiriDB is scalable on the fly, no downtime while updating or expanding your database! Our scalable possibilities enable us to enlarge our database time after time without losing speed.

What makes us unique is that we immediately take full leverage of all available resources as we distribute your time-series data over all pools.

High reliability

Do you want an unprecedented performance without downtime for your time series database?

SiriDB will give you grip on large amounts of data. SiriDB supports active replica’s, and with an optimal, stable and time saving performance, SiriDB is the perfect solution for your organization.